Take control of your workshop tools

ToolPass manages your tools, solving the problem of security,
liability, and running costs.

Secure tools and prevent unauthorized use

Enable billing and charge members for usage

Get full access to your workshop activity history


People using power tools that they have not been trained on, or for which access has not been granted can lead to damage of the tool, or at worst, serious injury to the user. Supervision of these tools is typically a time-consuming, costly and complex process.

Each year OSHA reports as many as 5000 fatal accidents at work, many of those are caused by incorrect tool usage.

By securing access to each tool, you reduce your liability.

Tool Costs

Running costs can be offset by charging members for their usage, biller per second and automatically recorded as they are using the tool.

Support costs are reduced when you control access, making sure only fully trained members can access the equipment.

Get Started!

Our System

  • The ToolPass board sits between your tool and the wall outlet
  • Only authorized users can turn on tools
  • Access is controled through our secure web interface
  • Adding members and tools is quick and easy
  • Admin users can set and update tool usage costs
  • Usage costs can be applied based on real tool activity
  • Power consumption is recorded as the tool is used

Approve members on each tool they have been trained on, dynamically managing access as needed.

Setup billing and track running costs per tool and per member.

View a log of each member and tool, so you know exactly who has used what.

The Toolpass RFID board will power up tool when access has been granted.

Members can request maintanance, tools can be taken offline while they are worked on.

API access makes connecting your member database easy.